Located 15 nautical miles from the mainland, Ly Son Island is the only island district of Quang Ngai province, known for its heroic history, pristine coastal nature, simple and hospitable locals, and rich cultural cuisine. Focusing on tourism, Ly Son Island is exploiting its strengths to develop the economy. Developing community-based tourism is the way for Ly Son to preserve and promote the island's heritage and historical values. Recently, a new community-based tourism model named "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" was introduced, promising to open up a new professional, cultured, and sustainable tourism approach.

The "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" community-based tourism model”.

The "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" community-based tourism model is a collaborative effort of M&M Communications, M&M Production House, the Department of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Quang Ngai province, and the Saemaul Undong Rural Development Center under the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University-HCMC. In its initial phase, the model has established management mechanisms, brand identity, tour routes, and a range of tourism products with detailed operations and services to cater to tourists at the enigmatic natural spots and community experience points.


The "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" community-based tourism model aims to attract tourists from all corners of the country, contributing to increased income for the local people and promoting the development of island tourism. The project desires to provide global friends with a profound insight into the pristine values of Ly Son Island.

Notably, M&M has built the "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" Storytelling Guidebook, which is closely associated with tourist attractions. This is an essential tool for the community to convey the values embedded in tourism products, enhancing the tourist experience, preserving cultural understanding, and enriching visitors' knowledge when using the services.

Taking inspiration from the natural landscapes and traditional cultural characteristics of the island district, M&M has defined missions and core values for this tourism model project, forming the hidden and mysterious story of Ly Son.

The brand identity of "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son”

For "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" in particular and other projects in general, brand identity is considered the soul and foundation of the entire project. Recognizing its importance, M&M took on the mission of designing the brand identity for the community-based tourism model in Ly Son Island, starting from the district's unique story.

The logo of the "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" community-based tourism model represents a harmonious combination of the unspoiled natural beauty and the distinctive cuisine of the island.


The image of Ly Son garlic is clearly depicted in the logo as it is a specialty of Ly Son Island, known as the "garlic kingdom." Garlic on the island is particularly cultivated on the red basaltic soil and white sandy coral from the seabed, resulting in the distinctive shape and flavor of Ly Son garlic. Alongside this is the majestic image of the volcano with its layers of stacked rocks, which once roared and flowed for hundreds of years. Below, the gentle sea waves embrace the entire island district, symbolizing the love of Ly Son people for every inch of their land and sea. All these elements come together to create a "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" with a sense of mystery and romanticism.


Through the brand identity, M&M applied it to familiar items in daily life such as water glasses, hats, t-shirts, etc., with the aim of conveying messages and bringing the image of Lý Sơn closer to the public through the community tourism model "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son".

The signing and launching ceremony of the community tourism model "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son"

On June 16, 2022, M&M Communications, M&M Production House, in collaboration with representatives from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City National University, and the Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of Quang Ngai province, conducted the transfer of the community tourism model "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" and signed the agreement with various businesses.


The "Ky Bi Dao Nui Lua Ly Son" community tourism model has attracted more than 120 members to participate, forming a closed circle to serve tourists, including tour guides, restaurants, hotels, homestays, and experience services, as well as providing rental services of transportation for tourists. Businesses and tourism entities participating in this model will receive professional support in promoting their image.

With outstanding features in terms of geographical location, natural conditions, history, and culture, Ly Son has great potential for developing its coastal economy and tourism services. Ly Son's tourism resources maintain a distinct and unique charm. M&M expects that the above-mentioned model will contribute to building the tourism of Ly Son and attract many tourists to this precious land of our country.