Since its established, Chat GPT has taken the global stage with its "genius" conversational capabilities. As an AI chatbot tool developed by OpenAI, Chat GPT has achieved feats that left marketers astonished and pondering their future. Let's delve deeper into Chat GPT with M&M through the following article!

What Chat GPT can do? 

  • Handling questions and requests

Thanks to its ability to automatically answer questions and process requests, Chat GPT can analyze vast and diverse amounts of data and easily provide proposals with unmatched accuracy. For businesses, they can utilize Chat GPT's capabilities to optimize the process of customer search and analysis. This allows businesses to discover suitable marketing trends and methods for themselves.

  • Bringing creativity

For those pursuing careers in writing, such as Content Creatives or SEO specialists, Chat GPT also brings a positive change. Content creators will find relief as they no longer need to exhaust their minds thinking of numerous ideas to write. If you ever find yourself stuck, Chat GPT will surprise you with suggestions.

  • Providing information in any language you need

Another fantastic ability that Chat GPT can offer is its language support. Although primarily programmed in English, you can ask Chat GPT anything and request responses in the language you prefer, all with simple commands.

What will the future of the Marketing and Creative industries look like?

Despite its significant impact on businesses, especially in the creative field, Chat GPT remains a double-edged sword and needs to be used intelligently.

While having many outstanding advantages, Chat GPT also has its limitations. Although the content it generates is often comprehensive and well-written, it may lack depth and fail to fully express viewpoints, resulting in difficulty in evaluating it as high-quality and unique content.

Another drawback is that the suggestions and proposals offered by Chat GPT may also be inaccurate. During its training on large datasets, it may encounter some data biases. Readers may be misled if they fail to detect the errors in the content generated by Chat GPT.


We all recognize the benefits and exceptional learning capabilities of Chat GPT. To use Chat GPT more effectively in our work, it is essential to be aware that Chatbots are not human and cannot replace or match human intelligence. For creative and emotional tasks, Chat GPT can be a powerful assistant.

With this launchpad, to achieve the best results for you and your business, a combination of human intellect and the advancements of technology is vital. We need to learn how to use it effectively and intelligently.