Agency and Client, two completely contrasting poles, but at the same time, they are the most perfect symbiosis for each other, supporting each other to create extremely unique achievements. Each side has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we cannot analyze them collectively with objective perspectives. Below are 8 interesting truths that can only be experienced when working in an Agency or Client.

Absorb knowledge from various fields.   

Working in an Agency, you will have the opportunity to experience countless projects from small to large companies, from affordable to high-class, from food to services. In the morning, we have to immerse ourselves in a "healthy" lifestyle to write for health-oriented brands, but in the afternoon, we have to switch our mindset to write for fast-food brands, sounding "guilty pleasure", right? These experiences are only available when working in an Agency.

Learning from "Spiderman" in the company.  


Spider-man possesses supernatural strength and agility, with the ability to cling to almost any surface using his feet, enabling him to take on multiple tasks simultaneously. In the agency world, everyone in the company is often referred to as "Spider-men" because they have the ability to do many tasks beyond their official position. Designers may run ads, Account executives may excel at adjusting infographics, and they might even handle sales.

Hormone Dopamine called “New Projects”.  

Dopamine is known as the happiness hormone, released when the body experiences signs of pleasure and excitement. At the agency, a dose of Dopamine instantly uplifts the spirits of "agency-ers" with the arrival of a "New Project," making team members feel refreshed with a breath of fresh air.

A workplace always filled with laughter and joy.


This is one of the fascinating aspects of working in an agency environment. Unlike specialized office-style companies, at an agency, we experience a full range of emotions to stimulate the creativity of team members to the maximum. Being rebellious sometimes is actually needed for those in creative roles as it helps to generate and develop compelling proposals for clients.

Not all your ideas are always accepted.  

While there are many joys and opportunities, there will also be challenges we must face. A sad truth in the agency world is that ideas you've been nurturing for a long time can be rejected unceremoniously. Even if your idea is creative and dear to your heart, it might be discarded abruptly by the Client or Art Director, and this isn’t surprising. Don't be discouraged; you can still defend your ideas by presenting your point of view to persuade the related parties. If it doesn't work, it's okay, it's also an opportunity for you to understand more about the client's taste and improve in the next projects.

No fixed working hours.


The distinctive feature of an agency is the flexibility of time, as there are no fixed working hours like in other professions. Some days, working for just 8 hours is not enough, and the working hours in a day depend on various subjective and objective factors.

Subjectively, at the same time, you may have to handle many different projects, so you cannot fully focus on one job but have to divide your attention (also known as "multitasking").

Additionally, the reason for prolonged working hours is the unexpected appearance of the "god" - the clients. With just one word from a client, our hearts stop beating, and all plans must be put on hold to prioritize satisfying their demands.

Being a true "maid"!  

1. The customers is king.

2. The customer is always right. If the customer happens to be wrong for a moment, agency-ers must always keep in mind these two principles! All stories become less important when there is customer feedback. As soon as the customer speaks up, the “maid” will rush into action at all costs.

The Client says one thing, The Agency understands the other.  

Clients and agencies have certain differences in their working environment and communication styles. Therefore, conflicts in words and actions frequently occur. For example, the client forgets to inform the agency about minor changes in the ongoing project, and as a result, the whole agency team cries out when they have to work overnight to redo those details to meet the deadline due to the client's "forgetfulness".

Working in any environment comes with both joys and sorrows, and the agency environment is no exception. Consider this as an opportunity to hone your working skills and progress day by day to achieve definite success in the marketing industry!