Introducing M&M Communications

M&M Communication is an Agency specializing in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of communication and marketing in Vietnam. Established in 2019 and originated from Production House, our team has a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise in providing professional product photography services at a reasonable cost. M&M Communications has been building a reputation with customers through quality service and professional working style.

The importance of professional product photography

The importance of professional product photography

Make a first impression with customers

High-quality product images are one of the key factors that help businesses create a strong first impression in the minds of customers. Beautiful, sharp and realistic images will attract customers' attention at first sight and contribute to their ability to choose to buy your product instead of other products on the market.

Increase digital conversion rate

It cannot be denied that professional product images can directly impact customers' purchasing decisions. According to a survey from BigCommerce, 78% of online customers decide to buy products based on beautiful and attractive images, thereby helping businesses increase profits quickly and effectively.

Contribute to enhancing the position and reputation of the brand

Professional product images not only help businesses increase profits from sales but also contribute to enhancing brand position and reputation. Beautiful product images, clear layouts, and consistency with the brand style play an important role in building trust and leaving a strong impression in the minds of customers.

Professional product photography service with M&M Communications

Young enthusiastic and professional team

M&M Communications Team

M&M Communications is proud to introduce a young, enthusiastic, experienced and creative team. Formerly known as Production House, we have experience participating in many large and small product photography projects in many fields such as Health, F&B, Beauty Care, Retail, Technology,... The M&M Communications team is constantly learning, cultivating skills and expertise, and at the same time, understanding and mastering the secrets to best displaying the outstanding features of each product.

Possesses advanced and modern equipment

To always ensure the best image quality for businesses, M&M Communications invests in modern and advanced photography equipment. From high-resolution cameras, specialized lighting, to supporting accessories such as backdrops, lights, etc. We carefully prepare everything with a commitment to bringing customers the best. Highest quality and satisfactory photos.

Clear and professional working process

M&M Communications has a clear and professional working process, ensuring each product photography project runs smoothly and effectively. From receiving requests, planning, ideas, preparation, photography, to post-production editing and product handover, every step is done carefully and professionally.

Refer to M&M Communication's product photography process in the 6 steps below:

Working process at M&M Communications

Step 1: Receive requests and consult

M&M Communications receives customer requests and brand direction, and collects detailed information about product types, features, outstanding features and image use purposes. Then, the consulting team will propose solutions that suit the customer's needs and budget.

Step 2: Planning

The detailed plan includes schedule, product list, photography script and layout, preparation of tools, equipment, backdrops and lighting.

Step 3: Prepare equipment and location

Check all necessary equipment and arrange photo shooting locations.

Step 4: Execute

A professional product photography team is present at the photography location to carry out the project. During the implementation process, customers can follow closely and make direct editing comments.

Step 5: Post-production

The design team performs post-production editing including adjusting lighting, color and removing some defects to bring the photo to the highest standards.

Step 6: Submit and receive feedback

After editing, we will hand over the photos to the customer in the agreed format and method, and receive feedback from customers to improve the service.

Types of product photography at M&M Communications

White background product photography

Taking product photos on a white background is a popular and effective technique in commercial photography. A white background helps highlight the product, eliminates distracting elements, and gives a professional look. This is especially useful when using images on e-commerce platforms, catalogs and websites, where customers need to see product details clearly.

With precise lighting techniques and perfect composition, product photography on a white background creates sharp photos that help your products shine and attract customers at first sight.

White background product photography

Conceptual product photography 

Conceptual product photography is a creative and unique method to express products in a specific context, bringing more insight and appeal to customers. Instead of focusing just on a single product, this method uses supporting elements, lighting, color and composition to tell a story or convey a brand message. This not only highlights the product but also creates a strong impression, helping customers visualize more clearly the usage and value of the product in real life.

The M&M Communications team will come up with concept ideas according to the customer's request to prepare the necessary photography accessories to create impressive photos.

Conceptual Product Photography

Lifestyle photography

If customers want vivid photos that clearly show how the product is used, M&M Communications' professional lifestyle photography service is the ideal choice for you.

Instead of just displaying a single product, lifestyle photography creates product use situations in everyday life, helping viewers easily visualize how to use and feel the practical value of the product. This photography style not only highlights the product but also helps build an authentic and impressive brand story, naturally increasing connection and attracting customers.

Lifestyle Photography

Implemented projects

M&M Communications team has carried out many product photography projects for businesses of different sizes. Our clients include brands in cosmetics, fashion, food, technology, home appliances, and more. We are very happy that each project has brought satisfaction to customers and contributed to affirming the reputation and service quality of M&M Communications.

Implemented projects by M&M Communications


Professional product photography is an important factor that helps enhance brand value and increase sales. With M&M Communications' professional product photography service, you will get high quality, sharp and impressive photos. Let us help you make your products stand out and attract customers at first sight.

Contact M&M Communications immediately for advice and to experience top professional product photography services!