In any business, whether large or small, newly established or firmly established in the market, brand identity is a crucial factor that helps consumers recognize the brand and the products it offers. With experience collaborating with brands across various sectors, M&M Communications understands the significant potential for brand development when working with businesses in today's market environment. With our experienced team, we will be an excellent companion on the journey of building brand image alongside your business!

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1. What is building a brand image?

For businesses today, Brand Identity plays a crucial role in attracting and conveying core messages to customers. Brand Identity is considered the face of the business, focusing on elements such as color, design, logo, etc., to help the brand establish connections and imprint its image in the minds of consumers easily.

2. What does Branding Development Service include?

With experience collaborating with various brands across different fields such as F&B, healthcare, fashion,... , M&M Communications provides comprehensive branding design and development solutions, including:

  • Brand Identity

  • Concept development

  • Communication materials

  • Packaging design

  • Website development

  • UX/UI

  • Key Visuals

3. Branding Development Costs for Businesses

Developing a brand image is also the springboard for businesses to excel in the future. Therefore, M&M Communications proposes suitable Branding service packages tailored to the needs of each business.

Basic Package (B)

If your business is embarking on its journey of business and development, M&M Communications' Basic package is a good choice to accompany you. The Basic package can meet the basic image-building needs suitable for the business model with attractive design options. Additionally, the Basic package will also support businesses in conveying the core message of the brand closer to consumers.

*However, the Basic package will have some limitations depending on the business model, orientation, and needs of each business. (Businesses can refer to Premium and Professional packages).

The Basic package includes:

  • 02 Proposed logo options (01 revision)

  • Completion time: 5 days (excluding feedback time)

  • Free business card design after logo approval

  • Deliverable/file formats:

    • Logo files (PNG, PDF, SVG)

    • Logo Guidelines (PDF)

Premium Package (P)

The Premium package is proposed for businesses wishing to expand and build broader brand coverage across all business platforms. In this package, businesses will be provided with more diverse options for logo design and brand-specific materials such as name cards, office stationery, product packaging, etc. Based on the designs in the Premium package, businesses can create a distinctive presence in the market when conveying messages or interacting with customers. The Premium package includes:

  • 03 Proposed logo options (01 revision)

  • Bonus 01 Visual Identity option

  • Completion time: 07-12 days (excluding feedback time)

  • Deliverables/file formats:

    • Logo files (PNG, PDF, SVG)

    • Logo Guidelines (PDF)

Professional Package (R)

For businesses aiming to build a professional brand image, the Professional Package is the optimal choice. The M&M team will provide businesses with all essential designs to create a visually appealing and polished brand identity. Additionally, the Professional Package proposes additional special elements such as Key Visuals to help businesses enhance product and brand recognition, making it easier to attract consumer attention. The Professional Package includes:

  • 06 Proposed logo options (02 revisions)

  • Design-oriented Moodboard

  • 02 Key Visual options (01 revision)

  • Completion time: 2-3 weeks (excluding feedback time)

  • Deliverables/file formats:

    • Logo files (PNG, PDF, SVG)

    • 06 identity items (PDF, Mockup, Printing specifications,...)

    • Brand Guidelines handbook

 4. Branding Strategy Implementation Process


First, the M&M team will gather information about your brand. Through this, we can understand the positioning, challenges, and brand development journey, helping M&M members identify the characteristics and personality of your brand to come up with creative ideas, directions, and modern design trends.


At this stage, the ideas will begin to be sketched out in actual designs. During the drafting process, our team continuously researches how to use these ideas to impact customers and support brand building for businesses. Additionally, we do not overlook attractive points to make the brand more appealing to customers, which is also an effective way to convey the meaning and value of the brand to consumers.


Based on customer feedback, we will refine according to the brand's requested direction. The team will delve deeper into colors, fonts, patterns, and templates to ensure that the Branding meets the brand's needs and purposes. After the editing steps, the client will receive the branding materials, mockups, and an overview of the design.


Once all steps have been completed, the team will begin developing the complete principles for using the Brand Identity and finalizing the design templates. This will enable the brand to effectively and consistently use the Branding across platforms and publications. Finally, M&M Communications will hand over the complete Branding Files to the client and remain available to assist as needed.

5.  Some Brand Image Building Projects

a) 49 Gourmet

Industry: F&B

SOW: Branding - Packaging Design

The 49 Gourmet project involves designing packaging for a cafe brand owned by an 80s generation entrepreneur. 49 Gourmet's product packaging features a minimalist color palette including white, orange, black, and gray. Our team utilizes typography to highlight the brand name, provide complete product information, and arrange the layout to impress and attract consumers.

b) Ly Son 

Industry: Consumer

SOW: Design, Production, Branding

Brand recognition and distinctive imagery are key to the development of the Mysterious Volcanic Island Community project, Ly Son. To reach a wide audience, the project's brand identity focuses on imagery of the volcano, complemented by familiar, simplified drawings that are easily memorable. The dominant color tone is a refreshing and vibrant green, conveying the project's friendly nature while also showcasing the island's mysterious, untouched beauty.

c) M&M Workshop

Industry: F&B

SOW: Branding & Marketing

Based on the business model and products of M&M Workshop, our team has introduced an impressive brand identity. The minimalist black design combined with striking typography has made the brand name memorable at first sight. Particularly, the product packaging features stylized images of characters, landscapes, or raw materials, creating a sense of familiarity and excitement in the minds of consumers.

With a young, enthusiastic, and experienced team, M&M Communications will accompany your brand in creating a professional image, contributing to superior development on the journey to capture the minds of customers.

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