In a crowded event with numerous brands and labels vying for attention, what draws your focus and prompts you to stop at a particular booth? Could it be the allure of advertising booths? Let's delve into the unique appeal of advertising booths and their role in business with M&M Communications in this article. 

What Are Advertising Booths? 

Appearing at product launches, brand introductions, and customer engagement events, advertising booths are simply spaces designated for advertising and promotions. Depending on their purpose and concept, advertising booths come in various sizes and designs, with flexibility in colors and shapes.

Today, amidst the diversity of communication activities and brand advertising, advertising booths increasingly assert their position due to their significant roles in businesses.


The Role of Advertising Booths in Business Marketing Strategy

Advertising booths play a crucial role in the marketing strategy of a business, particularly in measuring and evaluating effectiveness. Specifically:

Attracting Customer Attention

Depending on the brand and campaign, advertising booths will have their own unique designs and colors. According to studies on color psychology, colors directly influence human perception, attitudes, behaviors, and decision-making processes. In marketing, research has shown that color psychology can increase brand recognition by up to 80% and influence 85% of purchasing decisions. Therefore, with visually appealing designs and brand-specific colors, advertising booths at trade shows and exhibitions attract the attention of passersby. Customers will notice and learn about the business and the products or services being promoted.

The advertising booths of Milo at events feature the brand's distinctive green color.

Spreading Brand Messages and Creating Brand Impressions

As part of traditional marketing, advertising booths, with their ability to reach a large customer base, serve as a medium for conveying brand values and products to customers quickly. Typically, slogans or products of the company will be displayed on advertising booths. Through advertising booths, customers can learn about the outstanding advantages of the product or Unique Selling Point (USP) that the business wishes to promote widely. If advertising booths at events or locations effectively showcase the USP of the product or brand, they will quickly leave an impression on customers, increasing the likelihood of future purchases.

After changing the logo and packaging, Vinamilk's advertising booth was also altered in terms of color, logo, and concept to convey the spirit of the current brand to customers.

Customer Engagement and Data Collection

Typically, advertising booths at events or sales locations, such as supermarkets or distributors, are supported by sales teams. The additional sales team at the advertising booth area helps businesses more easily measure customer reach and collect data. Events and distribution points have target audiences that the brand targets or not. Through data collected by the sales team at the advertising booth area, businesses will have answers for themselves. The combination of advertising booths and sales teams at sales locations is also seen as one of the Below The Line (BTL) activities—a concept used to refer to advertising and marketing activities targeting specific target groups within a narrow scope. BTL activities do not use mass media but focus on building sales locations, sales teams, etc., thereby helping businesses maximize profits.

Advertising booths at retail locations often have sales teams to support product marketing and collect customer data.

Although advertising booths play important roles in measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategies, to create attractive booths and effectively convey the USP of products or brands, they need support from professional teams. If your business is looking for a partner to execute advertising booths and propose concept ideas to stand out among other brands, let M&M Communications assist you.


Advertising booths are not only part of traditional marketing but also one of the effective Below The Line activities for businesses. With their prominent roles, advertising booths are increasingly used at events and sales locations. However, to create attractive and effective advertising booths, businesses need to conduct research and invest accordingly.