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Why Atlas choose M&M Production House to shoot an interior photo for Ariel

Ariel is the furniture brand of ATLAS. The company is the world’s leading provider of architectural and engineering services, providing 2D, 3D and BIM solutions. However, Atlas wants to capture beautifully by the product’s image orientation. ATLAS chose M&M Production House as Ariel’s partner to produce interior photography.

Why did ATLAS choose M&M Production House for interior photography service?

ATLAS shared that it takes a lot of time to take pictures of products. Most of Ariel’s furniture is quite big and bulky, not knowing how to take good pictures.

Photography also requires people with expertise and experience to come up with satisfactory products.

The characteristic of interior photography is to be clear about the details and beauty. Because most customers will go to the website to search for products, compare prices, materials, brands …

The first thing for them to stop at A product is a picture taken must be eye-catching, clear details.

It is known that M&M is a unit specializing in designing brand identity, recording and taking pictures of professional products.

For each project, M&M Production House always spends a lot of time researching the product and the development orientation of the business. M&M products made for customers are widely used to promote and bring success to customers’ projects.

Despite the young age of the company, M&M has cooperated with many big brands in different fields. From fashion, technology, products, agriculture and service. This has proven the ability of M&M to customers.

That is also the reason why Atlas chose interior photography package of M&M for its Ariel brand.

The process of cooperation between ATLAS and M&M Production House

To take beautiful photos, according to the requirements given by Ariel. M&M spent many hours working, discussing with ATLAS to come up with ideas, find concepts, props, product layout, aesthetic elements and aesthetic requirements before taking pictures of interior products.

Create a concept

To create an attractive, not monotonous photo. The search for ideas is very important. Before starting into interior photography, M&M looked for a variety of materials to avoid a monotonous and boring image.
But for Ariel, they only asked M & M to take photos of separating fonts to highlight and clear the product. So, M&M just set up shooting tools and equipment and chose the shooting angle to specify the subject

Arranging products and props

After designing a concept suitable for the product, the M&M team arranged other props in the frame to highlight the product. At the same time, helping customers see the benefits of the product through photos taken, suggesting to customers the product layout to achieve artistic effects such as photos.

Additional products will help customers have a more objective view of the product. Putting products side by side also helps businesses sell more products than originally planned.

Aesthetic factors in interior photography

Few production units look at the aesthetic element of a product photo. But according to M&M, the aesthetic factor is important to help your product improve. Especially products targeting the high-end segment, a beautiful photo will be commercial is higher than normal, monotonous photographs.

After 5 working days, M&M finished taking photos for 50 SKUs (SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit, which means the unit that classifies inventory goods by classifying similar goods in the shape, function… is based on a sequence of numeric and/or alphanumeric characters, or simply commodity codes) of the interior product. Accelerate product promotion campaigns and bring products closer to Ariel’s customers.

It can be said that the investment in interior photography for Ariel has helped ATLAS optimize and save costs. Thanks to that, ATLAS can focus its expertise on promoting promotion, serving customers of the Ariel brand in a better way.

M&M Production House, with a team of experienced staff, is constantly cultivating professional knowledge, learning architectural styles, furniture, and new trends in the world to exploit the outstanding features and come out. unique frames, leading the trend.

In particular, our team also performs post-production image processing. So the final image delivered to customers is always vivid and impressive. We are committing to provide the best value and quality services for our customers’ brands.