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Why are local brands always attractive?

Today’s article will answer your questions about local brands, why they always attract fans, young people and fashion lovers.

Many fashion brands wish their brands always attract customers. It is not easy.

In addition, the quality of the product, there is no question, behind the famous local brands.

It is the dedication of the team members, always trying to create beautiful, unique, strange designs but still highly applicable.

What is a Local Brand?

Local brand refers to domestic fashion brands example is Vietnam

 Normally, Local Brand will design and manufacture their own products, not just casual clothing or footwear shops.

Catching up with the current trend, local brand was born with the most popular fashion line opening everywhere in Vietnam to catch up with the trend of foreign fashionista.

A brand (BRAND) is a name, term, design, image or other signs that distinguish an organization or a product from a competitor in the eyes of consumers.

Local brands must be business organizations

That means Vietnamese brands – have a distinctive identity not only in the eyes of the user but also to meet legal requirements.
In order for a trademark to be protected, a legal owner (which can be a company, inventor, corporation, or industry association) must register the trademark at the state agency that manages the copyright.

This shows that Vietnam is also a very developed country and quite a connoisseur in the fashion field with a healthy development that relentlessly reaches outstanding progress through.

Its own style and dress differences of themselves through each product inspired and made by the Vietnamese designers.

Source: RetroKid

Why the fanatics shop “crazy” local brand

The formation of a Local Brand was also very difficult.

Because at that time the trend, as well as the young people, had not formed and accepted the local brands

They were afraid of the price, design and the most important Is the quality of each product quality.

And the answer is that in the last few years, a milestone has marked the birth of many Local Brands and innovation marks a spectacular mark in the Vietnamese fashion industry.

It can be said that their popularity of up to 99.9% for young people is not only a trend. Local brands are fashion craze when it comes to impressive and beautiful designs.

In fact, the existence of Vietnamese local brands has existed for a long time, not just recently.

But at that time, consumers were not familiar with the concept of local brands.


If you are the last generation 8x and the first half of 9x, you will feel more familiar with names such as Blue Exchange, Ninomaxx, Bamboo, Couple TX, PT2000, …

But recently, the trend has been paid more attention to the fashion houses.

What the definition of a local brand is gradually being understood, new emerging brands have sprung up to replace the old ones. That is why the local brand is also known more by people.

The playground is more and more plentiful. Local brands are growing more and more every day. Typically the event organized by Pepsi, through which we can see the careful investment and care of local brands in this project to shake hands with Pepsi.

It is this event that has created the most refined and quality products.

The designs released in the collection not only prove their ability and ability to grasp good trends. Show the serious attitude of people who are working hard every day to create quality Vietnamese brands high.

The quality

Local brands always attract young people not only by the quality of the product but also by the form and unique design printed on the product. Admittedly, local brands have invested a lot of gray matter in the design image. From transparent, stylized plastic materials for backpacks, to bold creases on the skirt.

Local brands also spend heavily on materials, 100% cotton, linen, and high-grade silk, which are used in the brand’s designs.

The special thing is that products of the local brands are limited production. If you hesitate, you will not be able to own the item.

If you want to buy them back from other customers, you must pay a double or triple price.

So many friends to buy the product had to queue up, and remove the number since the announcement of the sale. This is also an opportunity to make money for the camper.


The packaging

One of the other important factors is the packaging. The packaging is invested carefully.

The product is not in plastic bags, many local brands use paper boxes to store their products, both environmentally friendly, and have a premium feel.

Source: Ninetyeight.offical

The fragrance

The fragrance is also an important factor for fashion followers to remember their products.

Additionally, each box of products is put in the fragrant paper, when the items reach the customers.

Not only can the product be seen, the quality and the fragrance will be at the customers.

The famous local brands in Vietnam

The fragrance is also an important factor for fashion followers to remember their products.

Each box of products is put in the fragrant paper, when the items reach the customers, not only can the product be seen, the quality and the fragrance will be at the customers.

Local brands appear more and more. Each local brand has oriented its own different customer segments.

In fact, their products are also different, not only marking the brand but also creating a different variety for the local brands in Vietnam.

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