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What is Brand?

Definition of brand

It is the process of including creating a name and image for your product in the minds of your customers, primarily through highly consistent advertising campaigns. The branding aims to show a clear and differentiated market in order to attract attention as well as maintain relationships with customers.

For me, it is a great encapsulation of the brand.

Let’s start with a few simple brand questions:

  1. What is a brand?
  2. How to identify brands?
  3. Where is design in the brand?
  4. How does brand design work?
  5. Some of the most famous brands in the world and why?
  6. How to build a good brand?

Brand, the brand is not just logo design

You can’t design a small logo and say “this is our brand”. It is a very wrong thing. Logo design is only one component of the brand’s characteristics, it also includes brand positioning, brand personality, brand value and more. We will mention brand design and brand identity later in this article.

Branding is the way people see and feel about your business. It is also the internal scene of the company including you, colleagues, employees who feel about them. It is not just logo designs, name cards, catalogs, brochures or websites.

Again, it is on the identity designs that the company offers, it has intangible values that do not exist directly. It is also the way customers connect with the company on different levels, through different brand touches.

What the most core of a brand – brand?

A brand can be described as a business, a service, a product or even a specific individual, with distinct personalities.

Designers cannot create brands. Or design a brand. They only design properties that accurately reflect that brand.

The brand must come from the intrinsic nature of the company, and from the brand strategy outlined in the beginning.

  1. The core value of the business?
  2. What does the brand represent?
  3. What makes the product/service different?
  4. USP – What is the Unique Selling Point of the business?
  5. Who is the target audience?

There are many people, even designers, who think that building a brand for a business simply designs visual elements such as logo, colors, fonts, design applications, etc. In fact, it includes a lot more than that. First and foremost, it is necessary to build brand values, then attach them through image features.

We can’t come up with a lot of great designs in a project and call it a brand. Professional design agencies will need to truly understand the content and ideas of brand strategies developed from the business itself, then turn them into reality in the right formats.

A professional designer will create images that show the brand’s personality pattern, which helps businesses stand out in the eyes of customers. It definitely can’t be just a simple logo then adds a bit of color and looks pretty nice.

In addition, when building a brand strategy, you need to pay special attention to issues related to intellectual property rights and image copyright of the brand. This will help you avoid future legal problems, as well as prevent others from illegally using your brand for malicious purposes.