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Notes when starting to learn graphic design

Graphic design has become hot in recent years. For many reasons, you choose to learn to design by yourself to start your own design path.

Step 1: Investigate and observe

Want to learn design by yourself and become a genuine designer. It is not necessary to jump right into Photoshop and master it immediately.

Mastering Photoshop doesn’t help you become a professional designer, just like knowing how to draw doesn’t necessarily make you an artist.

Let’s first learn the foundations. First, you need to learn to draw. If you want to learn design, you do not have to draw beautifully. You just have to have some basic knowledge of art and the ability to master the basic shapes.

Hint: you can buy the book You Can Draw In 30 Days and practice for 1 month. This is considered the best book on drawing tutorials.

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Next, learn some basic graphic principles. After you have a background in drawing, you must learn the basic graphic principles. As a suggestion, you can buy a book containing the story Little Red Riding Hood called Picture This.

This is a book that combines storytelling and the basic graphic design knowledge that learners should know: color, typography, and design using a grid.
The next thing to learn is some basics of user experience.

Suggestions: The Design Of Everyday Things and Don and Make Me Think. This is two books design learners should read to understand users’ needs before creating products that “target” the content that is not learned will not know how to get the best results.

You should learn how to write. A good designer communicates effectively with the user through a selective minimalistic word. Note, write for ordinary people to read, do not write in the academic style, difficult to understand. Hint: Read the Made To Stick book or consult the Voice And Tone website to learn how to write well.

Step 2: Learn to draw designs with Photoshop and Illustrator

Illustrator makes it easy for learners to create logos and icons (hint: read Adobe Illustrator Classroom in a Book, Vector Basic Training).

As for Photoshop, you can follow the online tutorials (hint: refer to PSDTuts by TutsPlus website) to see how effective you can start and develop your photoshop skills.

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Step 3: Master specialized knowledge

It could be the design of Mobile App, Website or Infographics … Identify the field you want to pursue, choose one, a few, or all, and your effort for that choice.

For instance, learning logo design, start by learning how to create a brand identity, from the simplest one is a business card

(hint: read the book Design Brand Identity).

When learning Mobile App design, create an application that both has a beautiful interface and is easy to use

(hint: read the Tapworthy book)

Similarly, when learning website design, create a website that is easy to see and easy to operate.

You can read Don Make Me Think, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design.

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