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How do professional designers implement a project?

Referring to and understanding the workflow of professional designers, will help us have a more panoramic and insight when starting a design project.

Of course, everyone will be unlike anyone else, but together, the professional designers’ workflow consists of the following basic steps: Defining goals, gathering information, creating templates, and constantly improving.

Project implementation steps of professional designers:

Determine the target

Customers’ requirements are placed on top, in addition to helping us keep up with our original goals, the original idea was quickly realized

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Collect information

Information is collected from client, inspirational stories help them create products, perfect their original ideas with our designs

Finding the Mood Board for the project

A successful project is when viewers can feel the “soul” of the product; the emotions of the characters in the product. We want to give our customers the best experience when seeing our products, not only by sight but also through touch and taste.

Professional designers create Sketch & Design

The sketch is a great way to find concepts. A quick way to create the basic elements of your illustration. They are also used in web design and graphic design, so designers can quickly evaluate layout options. Create a series of thumbnail sketches or larger ones. As long as your sketch is good enough for the implementer to grasp the essentials

Product by M&M Production House

Continuous improvement

Product innovations based on customer requirements are the first criteria to bring the best products to them. The M&M also gave them solutions for them to have more choices.

Professional designers present to clients

The harmonious combination of layout and colors helps the client have a better overview of the work that we bring to them.

Product by M&M Production House

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